2-Brush Drive-Through

Designed for Bus Washing and Truck Washing

The Westmatic 2-Brush Drive-Through large vehicle wash system is designed for fleets with a high volume wash schedule. This system is capable of washing transit buses, motorcoach buses, tractor-trailers and even cars. The wash cycle time is approximately 90 seconds.

Manufactured with hot-dipped galvanized framework, the system is configured with 2 full length vertical brushes. These brushes are capable of washing the front, sides and rear of the vehicle. The front and and rear of the vehicle are scrubbed with the 2 vertical brushes, utilizing our industry exclusive overlapping brush movements.

Westmatic's brushes are electronically controlled, therefore eliminating the need for costly, high-maintenance pneumatic air cylinder components. Thanks to this advanced engineering, our brushes will safely and effectively provide brilliant wash results for years to come.

Wash bay space requirements / footprint can be drastically reduced by choosing a Westmatic bus wash or truck wash system. This provides for new build cost savings, and simple wash bay retro-fitting.

The 2-Brush system can be paired with a variety of our available options, making your next large vehicle wash system the most versatile in the world!

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