About Us

Westmatic is a manufacturer of automatic Large Vehicle Wash Systems which include environmentally-friendly Bus Wash, Truck Wash, and Train Wash equipment.  Westmatic also specializes in waste water treatment with advanced water recycling and its world-patented RENAREN advanced water purification system.

Since 1974, Westmatic has developed a reputation for building the highest quality, most innovative bus wash, truck wash, and train wash equipment in the world. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and support the most effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly large vehicle wash equipment in the industry.

Company History 

In 1974, Westmatic was founded in Arvika, Sweden.  Ten years later, in 1984, the first automatic truck wash system was delivered.  Westmatic began to grow and develop in the European marketplace, installing and servicing hundreds of different automatic vehicle wash systems.  Westmatic outgrew its original headquarters, and in 1990 a new, modern factory was built in Arvika, Sweden.  This factory was expanded in 1996, 2002, 2006, and 2008.

In 1999, Westmatic's first ever train wash system was delivered and installed.

Westmatic then traveled to the United States in order to establish itself in the North American marketplace.  In 2005, Westmatic Corporation (USA) was founded, and in 2008 the company established its U.S. headquarters in Buffalo, New York.  In 2016 Westmatic Incorporated was founded to service the Canadian market. Today, Westmatic has installed and services over 3,000 wash bays worldwide.


Prior to the introduction of Westmatic's large vehicle wash systems into North America, the systems were designed and manufactured in Arvika, Sweden. Westmatic's wash equipment was engineered around the European market, where on average, the cost of water and electricity is four times higher than in the United States and Canada. Westmatic has continued to embrace the Swedish engineering and has applied it to its North American manufacturing, resulting in the most innovative large vehicle wash equipment on the market today. 

Our systems use up to 50% less water, electricity and chemicals compared to traditional wash systems!


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