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Touchless Vehicle Wash Systems

Westmatic's Touchless, Specialty wash systems are ideally suited for large, heavy duty vehicles which require intense cleaning and decontamination.  The Touchless wash system is perfect for irregular shaped large vehicles and equipment such as military vehicles, heavy equipment, garbage trucks, tanker trucks, mining equipment and fleets of mixed vehicles.  Westmatic offers the widest range of mining vehicle wash equipment in the industry!  Our wash systems are available in completely friction (brush) wash systems, completely touchless wash systems, and Hybrid combination (brush and touchless) wash system.

Westmatic's touchless wash systems utilize robotic high pressure arches to provide a consistent, brilliant wash result.  The robotic arches will wash the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle constantly self-adjusting to different widths and irregularities of heavy vehicles and equipment.  This is achieved safely and effectively through the system's Automatic Vehicle Sizing/Contouring System.

In order to increase efficiency and reduce your cost of operation, Westmatic highly recommends incorporating one of our extremely innovative and compact water treatment systems.  Westmatic's Water Recycling System can drastically reduce sewer impact fees as well as your monthly water bills.  The system can re-use up to 85% of the wash water.  Unlike traditional wash systems which merely mask the odor and bacteria in waste water with unnatural chemical (perfume additives), Westmatic uses natural ozone (O2) which is safe for the environment.  Ozone injection eliminates odor and bacteria growth and accelerates solids precipitation.  Westmatic promises to recycle your water safely and effectively.

In applications where waste water must be purified prior to discharging to the sewer, Westmatic's Water Purification System, RENAREN, is the answer.   RENAREN's purification method is based on electro-flocculation, which is a technical combination of electro-flotation and electro-precipitation, with no chemical additives whatsoever.  Westmatic's water purification system is so effective that it can reach a purification level of 99%.  After having gone through RENAREN, the waste water can then safely proceed out into the sewage system.

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