Why Westmatic?

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Since 1974 Westmatic has specialized in the design and manufacturing of automatic bus wash, truck wash and train wash systems. Westmatic large vehicle wash systems were engineered around the European market, where water and electricity can be four times as costly as in North America and other countries. Westmatic's equipment uses only half of the water, electricity and chemicals compared to traditional wash equipment.

Compact Vehicle Wash System Design

Westmatic's systems not only reduce the amount of consumables, but will reduce your space requirements. Westmatic has the most compact equipment on the market, often retro-fitting systems into existing wash bays. Westmatic's systems require about half the bay length of traditional systems, with the same number of brushes. Other units on the market require between 14m and 20m in length. Each machine is custom built per the customers' needs. By reducing the floor space required for the wash system by 50%, you will free up space in your facility and can save thousands in new building costs. (Space requirements reduced by approximately 42 sq.m.)

Vehicle Wash System Intelligence 

Each wash system comes standard with Westmatic's Mirror Protection Program. Westmatic's intelligent, overlapping side brushes, sense obstacles such as mirrors on your vehicle through the use of current sensing relays. This allows the system to provide a brilliant wash result, without damaging any part of the vehicle or wash systems. Westmatic's side brushes can travel in to reach all sizes of vehicles. The side brushes are capable of washing the front and rear of a vehicle, with a side to side, "overlapping" movement. This capability also plays a major role in the system's unsurpassed versatility, allowing it to reach areas that would otherwise be impossible.

Unlike traditional drive through systems, driver judgment while traveling through the wash process is not an issue. By simply following a traffic light, the driver is guided through the entire wash process. The quality of the front and rear wash does not depend on the speed of the vehicle. Instead of bringing the vehicle to the brushes, Westmatic brings the brushes to the vehicle. The front and rear of the vehicle are completely cleaned while the vehicle is stopped. This is achieved by our industry exclusive overlapping brush movements.

Westmatic systems are equipped with the latest PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) technology. All aspects of the wash process are constantly monitored and adjusted; providing the safest, most efficient and thorough wash result of any machine in the world.

With all of their sophistication, Westmatic's machines remain incredibly simple to operate and maintain. Westmatic's vehicle wash systems require less than 30 minutes of preventative maintenance and mechanical adjustments per month.

Westmatic has the most innovative large vehicle wash equipment on the market today. Supported by factory trained technicians, Westmatic can provide the complete solution for your fleet. 

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"London Transit is very pleased with the performance of these two washers. Some obvious benefits noted to date include: Cleaner buses, No broken mirrors, Improved brush life, very good follow up for maintenance and service."
David Anderson
Director of Plant Equipment

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