Rail vehicles transporting goods, services, or passengers present a unique challenge to clean or decontaminate. With over 40 years' experience cleaning railway vehicles worldwide, Westmatic is proud to offer customizable train wash solutions based on your fleet size, configuration, and wash schedule demands.

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Designed For Your Needs

Our train wash systems are comprised of modularly designed operating functions and are available in drive-through models, gantry models, or combination "hybrid" models.

Systems are available in a brush configuration, touchless, or a combination of both. Brush pressure is constantly monitored and driven by high-efficiency electric TEFC motors. Current sensing relays allow our intelligent brush configurations to sense and adapt to different vehicle contours and shapes. This provides for an incredibly thorough wash result and unprecedented cleaning ability. 


Twin Line System

Westmatic's train wash systems are unique to the industry as our brushes can wash the front, eaves and rear of the train several times (during one wash cycle). Our Twin Line wash system can be installed to wash the train entering from either end of the wash bay (bi-directionally).


Add these accessories to boost the cleaning power and cost management for your new Westmatic Wash System. 

•    Pre-Soak (Multiple steps available)
•    High-Pressure Chassis Wash
•    High-Pressure Wheel/Rocker Panel Wash
•    Hi-Speed Rotating Nozzles
•    Spot-Free Rinse/RO Systems
•    Water Softener
•    Water Recycling
•    Water Purification
•    Rinse Aid/Wax
•    Dryers
•    RFID Fleet Monitoring
•    Point of Sale Systems
•    Festoon Mounted Detail Wands
•    Pressure Washers, Hot or Cold

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