Bus Washing System

Bus Washing System

Westmatic's state of the art Bus Washing Systems are a great way to get your fleet buses and over-sized vehicles clean. This will save you time and money! The drive-through wash systems stand apart from the competition because of their incredibly compact design, reduced operator judgment and unsurpassed versatility.

Compact Design
With their compact design, Westmatic can often reduce wash bay space requirements, therefore reducing new build costs!

The vertical brushes on the Westmatic 

Bus Washing Systems are capable of moving into the center of the wash bay and clean with an overlapping brush movement. The brushes are also capable of washing not only the sides, but the front and rear of the vehicle too.

"Green" Features
Westmatic's wash systems use less water, chemical and electricity compared to traditional systems on the market.

Reduced Driver Judgment
Unlike traditional drive-through vehicle wash systems, driver judgment is a non-issue while traveling through the wash. Instead of bringing the vehicle to the brushes, we bring the brushes to the vehicle!


Bus Fleet Washing System

The Westmatic Bus Washing System will make it so much easier for you to wash and clean your fleet with a single machine. Fleet Washing comes in handy if you have to get a lot of vehicles cleaned at once. When you have a fleet of buses, you need to keep them clean.

With all of their technology and sophistication, Westmatic's equipment remains very simple to operate and maintain. Westmatic's Bus Washing Systems requires less than 30 minutes of preventative maintenance and mechanical adjustments a month!

Our systems are very easy to customize for different vehicle types and sizes. If you would like to receive more information on our Bus Washing Systems, please call or click to contact Westmatic.



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