Commercial Washing | Retail Wash Systems

As a business owner, you are responsible for planning, site work, building infrastructure, and general contracting work. You will also need to establish your pricing plan. Our truck wash sales experts will work alongside owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to assist you find the best system for your new truck wash facility.
For retail operations, we recommend our Westmatic Heavy Duty Three Brush Rollover. The rollover or gantry machine is where the vehicle pulls into the wash bay, parks, and the machine washes back and forth on a floor-mounted rail system. The Heavy Duty Rollover can wash in a brush mode, touchless mode, or combination of both - making it an extremely versatile machine capable of handling a wide variety of over-the-road vehicles including tractor-trailers, tanker-trucks, reefer/refrigerated trucks, cargo/sprinter vans, and more.
Thanks to Westmatic's Scandinavian engineering, our machines are incredibly efficient when it comes to consumables - making it an ideal piece of equipment for profitability's sake. Westmatic's equipment uses less water, chemical and electricity compared to other manufacturers, allowing you to maximize profits while being mindful of the environment.
Once Westmatic has installed your equipment, you are ready to open your retail wash site.

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