Detail Guns | Manual Spray Equipment

Westmatic's manual spray equipment, or detail wand setup is the most efficient way of manually washing your fleet. Rather than supplying a hose reel, Westmatic has developed an incredibly efficient trolley and festoon system.

Traditional hose reels will ultimately lead to the wear of your high pressure hoses. (Since they're constantly being dragged across the ground).

Westmatic's detail wands are recommended to be mounted on trolleys as a festoon system. With Westmatic's setup, you will be able to walk the entire length of the wash bay without letting the hose touch the ground. This will ultimately preserve the longevity of your high pressure hose, and therefore saving your business money. By eliminating hose reels on the ground, this will improve safety in the wash bay and reduce tripping hazards.

Westmatic's detail wands are ergonomically designed and are highly reliable. These detail wands are manufactured for distributing water, soap and de-greaser.

The manual detail wand system can be delivered as a separate unit, or as a compliment to any of our automatic large vehicle wash systems.

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