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Veolia Transportation
As of this letter we have used the wash 65,758 times. ( Recorded 2008)

To: Future Westmatic Customers

My name is Sean Miller and I am the maintenance training manager for Veolia Transportation Fairfax Connector Division. I have been dealing with Westmatic for over 4 years. We have 3 of their washes installed and a 4th getting ready to go in. Our Lorton location has had the wash the longest. As of this letter we have used the wash 65,758 times. (Recorded in 2008). Westmatic has been great at getting us any supplies needed and when the crew makes a mistake and does some damage to the machine they have gotten their repair crew here to get us up and running again. The machine does take a beating quite well, the preventative maintenance is not hard and even when it's missed a couple of times the machine still keeps on ticking. If you are ever in the Northern Virginia and would like to see it operate just give me a call. 703-906-7131

Sean Miller
Maintenance Manager
Veolia Transportation

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