When it comes to ground transportation, there's nothing bigger than a train. While they make the transfer of goods and services remarkably easy, cleaning them is no small task. With tens of thousands of trains across the United States, this further complicates an already burdensome task of maintaining and cleaning train cars. Luckily, Westmatic has the solution for all your maintenance needs.

We're dedicated to building efficient and low maintenance large vehicle wash systems. Our train system uses gentler brushes to clean the exterior of the train cars without damaging the paint. The system can be housed in a single, standard-sized building and requires little training or special equipment. Though compact in overall size, the wash results are huge. The process is extremely thorough and ensures trains of all shapes and sizes come out clean in one, single pass.

We guarantee that after using our wash system, train cars will appear vibrant and clean in a timely manner. Our wash system is comprehensive - cleaning the front, roof and rear all in the same wash cycling so there's no need to run the vehicle through again. For the ultimate clean, Westmatic offers a dryer/blower system and an automatic window squeegee for passenger windows to make sure all exterior components look their best.

Please contact one of our experts with any questions at [email protected].

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